Provided by: kyotocabinet-utils_1.2.76-4.2build1_amd64 bug


       kcprototest - command line interface to test the prototype database


       The  command  `kcprototest'  is  a  utility  for facility test and performance test of the
       prototype database.  This command is used in the following format.  `rnum'  specifies  the
       number of iterations.

              kcprototest order [-tree] [-th num] [-rnd] [-etc] [-tran] rnum
                     Performs in-order tests.
              kcprototest queue [-tree] [-th num] [-it num] [-rnd] rnum
                     Performs queuing operations.
              kcprototest wicked [-tree] [-th num] [-it num] rnum
                     Performs mixed operations selected at random.
              kcprototest tran [-tree] [-th num] [-it num] rnum
                     Performs test of transaction.

       Options feature the following.

              -tree : test the prototype tree database instead of the prototype hash database.
              -th num : specifies the number of worker threads.
              -rnd : performs random test.
              -etc : performs miscellaneous operations.
              -tran : performs transaction.
              -it num : specifies the number of repetition.

       This command returns 0 on success, another on failure.