Provided by: khard_0.15.1-1_all bug


       khard - Console carddav client


       khard [-c CONFIG] [–debug] [–skip-unparsable] SUBCOMMAND …

       khard -h|–help

       khard -v|–version


       Khard  is  an  address  book  for the Linux command line.  It can read, create, modify and
       delete carddav address book entries.  Khard only works with a local store of VCARD  files.
       It  is  intended  to be used in conjunction with other programs like an email client, text
       editor, vdir synchronizer or VOIP client.


       -c CONFIG, --config CONFIG
              configuration file (default: ~/.config/khard/khard.conf)

              output debugging information

              skip unparsable vcards when reading the address books


       The functionality of khard is divided into several subcommands.  All of these  have  their
       own help text which can be seen with khard SUBCOMMAND --help.

   Listing subcommands
       These subcommands list information of several contacts who match a search query.

       list   list all (selected) contacts

              list birthdays (sorted by month and day)

       email  list email addresses

       phone  list phone numbers

              list postal addresses

              list filenames of all matching contacts

   Detailed display
       These subcommands display detailed information about one subcommand.

              display detailed information about one contact

       export export  a  contact  to  the  custom  yaml  format that is also used for editing and
              creating contacts

   Modifying subcommands
       These subcommands are used to modify contacts.

       source edit the vcard file of a contact directly

       new    create a new contact

              Extract email address from the “From:” field of an  email  header  and  add  to  an
              existing contact or create a new one

       merge  merge two contacts

       modify edit the data of a contact

       copy   copy a contact to a different addressbook

       move   move a contact to a different addressbook

       remove remove a contact

   Other subcommands
              list all address books


       See khard.conf(5).


       2019, Eric Scheibler