Provided by: kmflcomp_11.0.101-1_amd64 bug


       kmflcomp - keyboard mapping for linux compiler


       kmflcomp -v
       kmflcomp [-d] [-f] [-V] keyboardfile
       kmflcomp -h


       KMFL  is  a keyboard input method project which brings Tavultesoft Keyman functionality to
       *nix operating systems.

       kmflcomp is the keyboard compiler and syntax checker  for  the  kmfl  project.  The  files
       created  by  kmflcomp  can  be  loaded  by  the kmfl libraries to provide input methods to

       Note that the kmfl libraries now have the capability to compile kmfl keyboards on the  fly
       so  kmflcomp is no longer strictly necessary. The most useful part of kmflcomp is its kmfl
       keyboard syntax checking.


       -d     Output debugging information

       -f     Force compilation even if there are errors found in the keyboard file

       -h     Print this help message

       -V     Be more verbose in kmfcomp's information messages

       -v     Print program version


       The   full   documentation   for   kmflcomp   can   be   found   on   the   kmfl   website
       (   This includes documentation for the kmfl language syntax, useful
       for creating new keyboards, or modifying existing keyboards.


       KMFL    was    developed     jointly     by     SIL     international(     and
       Tavultesoft( The primary authors are John Durdin and Doug Rintoul.