Provided by: kopano-utils_8.7.0-7ubuntu1_amd64 bug


       kopano-oof — Control a user/store's Out Of Office settings


       kopano-oof  [-Px]  [-h  uri]  [-m  {0|1}]  [-n  msgfile]  [-s sslkeyfile] [-t subject] [-u
       username] [--from iso8601] [--until iso8601]


       This program can be used to change and/or display a user's Out Of Office ("OOF") settings.
       These  settings control whether kopano-dagent(8) will, within a certain timeframe, send an
       automated reply to all incoming messages.  kopano-spooler(8) can also use the OOF settings
       to  apply  special  handling,  such as forwarding a message to an alternate account if the
       original recipient has OOF active. The storage server must be running  for  kopano-oof  to

       After  potentially  updating  OOF  settings  with  -m, --from etc., kopano-oof will always
       output the current/new state of OOF settings in JSON format.


       -h uri Connect to the given storage server. By default, the local standard Kopano instance
              is contacted.

       -m, --mode {0|1}
              Clears  or  sets the Out Of Office flag of the user store. 0 disables it, 1 enables
              it. When enabled, daemons like kopano-dagent(8) and  kopano-spooler(8)  will,  when
              processing  a  message,  evaluate  the  OOF time constraints (independetly set with
              further options).

       -n, --message file
              Update the message body for Out Of Office messages to the contents of the specified
              file.  The  encoding  of  the  file  is expected to be in the current environment's
              charset (LC_CTYPE variable).

       -s, --sslkey-file file
              Read the specified certificate file and use it during  connecting  to  the  storage

       -t, --subject text
              Update the subject line for Out Of Office messages to the given text.  The encoding
              of the text is expected to be in the environment's charset.

       -P     Interactively prompt for the SSL  keyfile  password.  If  neither  -P  nor  -p  are
              specified,  kopano-oof will look for a password in the OOF_SSL_PASSWORD environment

       -p password
              This option is provided for compatibility with kopano-set-oof(1).  You  should  use
              the  OOF_SSL_PASSWORD  environment  variable  instead  to  pass the SSL certificate
              password, because passwords may be visisble in the output of ps(1).

       -u, --user username
              Edit the Out Of Office settings for the user's default store.

       -x     Prompt for the user account password. If this option is not  specified,  kopano-oof
              will  look  for a password in the OOF_PASSWORD environment variable. If no password
              was specified in any way (-x, -p, environment variables), kopano-oof  will  log  in
              with  the  "SYSTEM" account, which requires appropriate privileges. Confer with the
              "local_admin_users" directive in kopano-server.cfg(5).

              This option is ignored for  compatibility  with  kopano-set-oof(1).  JSON  data  is
              always emitted, both when the settings have changed and when they are unmodified.

       --from YYYY-mm-dd HH:MM
              Limit  the  Out  Of  Office  mechanism  such  that  it is not active if the time of
              processing a message is before the  specified  timepoint.  The  format  to  use  as
              argument  is to be in the form of "2015-04-01 23:50" (ISO-8601-like). The timepoint
              is interpreted to be in the current environment's timezone (TZ variable).

       --to YYYY-mm-dd HH:MM
              Limit the Out Of Office mechanism such that  it  is  not  active  if  the  time  of
              processing a message is after this timepoint. The format is the same as for --from.
              Alternatively, the special value "infinite" may be used to denote that OOF is open-

JSON output

               "active" : false,
               "from" : "2019-01-01 00:00:00",
               "set" : true,
               "subject" : "outtahere",
               "until" : "infinite"

       set  represents whether the Out Of Office feature has been enabled at all.  from and until
       specify the time range in which OOF will be considered  active  (if  and  only  if  it  is
       enabled) by dagent, spooler, and so on.  The special value "infinite" expresses that it is
       open-ended. The active flag  indicates  whether  OOF  is  active  right  now  given  these
       conditions.  subject and message contain the OOF message subject and body data.

Usage examples

       Non-SSL  login  with  password,  and enabling OOF over a certain period, sourcing the body
       text from a file:

           OOF_PASSWORD=xfoo kopano-oof -u foo -m 1 -t "Outta here for a while" --from
           "2017-12-23 00:00" --until "2018-01-02 00:00" --message long_explanation.txt

       Pseudo-disablement of one's mailbox:

           kopano-oof -u foo -m 1 -t "Dunno when I return" --from "2019-01-01 00:00"
           --until infinite

       Enable out of office message of mailbox user1 with  subject  "test"  and  body  from  file
       /tmp/oof-message in a multi-server-environment:

           OOF_SSL_PASSWORD=password kopano-oof -u user1 -m 1 -t test --message
           /tmp/oof-message --host https://localhost:237/ --sslkey-file