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       msbar - Mutate a sequence


       msbar -sequence seqall -othersequence seqall -count integer -point list -block list
             -codon list -inframe boolean -minimum integer -maximum integer -outseq seqoutall

       msbar -help


       msbar is a command line program from EMBOSS (“the European Molecular Biology Open Software
       Suite”). It is part of the "Nucleic:Mutation,Protein:Mutation" command group(s).


   Input section
       -sequence seqall

       -othersequence seqall
           If you require that the resulting mutated sequence should not match a set of other
           sequences, then you can specify that set of sequences here. For example, if you
           require that the mutated sequence should not be the same as the input sequence, enter
           the input sequence here. If you want the result to be different to previous results of
           this program, specify the previous result sequences here. The program will check that
           the result does not match the sequences specified here before writing it out. If a
           match is found, then the mutation is started again with a fresh copy of the input
           sequence. If, after 10 such retries, there is still a match to the set of sequence
           given here, then the matching mutated sequence is written with a warning message.
           Default value: asis:N

   Required section
       -count integer
           Default value: 1

       -point list

       -block list

       -codon list
           Types of codon mutations to perform. These are only done if the sequence is nucleic.

   Additional section
       -inframe boolean
           Default value: N

   Advanced section
       -minimum integer
           Default value: 1

       -maximum integer
           Default value: 10

   Output section
       -outseq seqoutall


       Bugs can be reported to the Debian Bug Tracking system (, or
       directly to the EMBOSS developers


       msbar is fully documented via the tfm(1) system.


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