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     nfc-emulate-forum-tag2 — NFC Forum tag type 2 emulation command line demonstration tool




     nfc-emulate-forum-tag2 is a demonstration tool that emulates a NFC-Forum Tag Type 2 with
     NDEF content.

     Some devices compliant with NFC-Forum Tag Type 2 can be used with this example, in read mode


     This example has been developed using PN533 USB hardware as target and Google Nexus S phone
     as initiator.

     This is know to NOT work with Nokia 6212 Classic and could fail with several NFC Forum
     compliant devices due to the following reasons:

     - The emulated target has only a 4-byte UID while most devices assume a Tag Type 2 has
     always a 7-byte UID (as a real Mifare Ultralight tag);

     - The chip is emulating an ISO/IEC 14443-3 tag, without any hardware helper.  If the
     initiator have too strict timeouts for software-based emulation (which is usually the case),
     this example will fail.  This is not a bug and we can't do anything using this hardware

     ACR122 devices (like touchatag, etc.) can be used by this example, but if something goes
     wrong, you will have to unplug/replug your device.  This is not a libnfc's bug, this problem
     is due to ACR122's internal MCU in front of NFC chip (PN532).


     Please report any bugs on the libnfc issue tracker at:


     libnfc is licensed under the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL), version 3.
     libnfc-utils and libnfc-examples are covered by the BSD 2-Clause license.


     Roel Verdult <>
     Romain Tartière <>
     Romuald Conty <>

     This manual page was written by Romuald Conty.  It is licensed under the terms of the GNU
     GPL (version 2 or later).

                                        September 19, 2012