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       nfc-mfclassic - MIFARE Classic command line tool


       nfc-mfclassic f|r|R|w|W a|A|b|B DUMP [ KEYS [f] ]


       nfc-mfclassic  is a MIFARE Classic tool that allow to read or write DUMP file using MIFARE
       keys provided in KEYS file.

       MIFARE Classic tag is one of the most widely used RFID tags.

       The firmware in the NFC controller supports authenticating, reading  and  writing  to/from
       MIFARE Classic tags. This tool demonstrates the speed of this library and its ease-of-use.
       It's possible to read and write the complete content of a MIFARE Classic 4KB tag within  1
       second.  It  uses  a  binary  MIFARE  Dump  file  (MFD) to store the keys and data for all

       Be cautious that some parts of a MIFARE Classic memory are used for r/w access of the rest
       of the memory, so please read the tag documentation before experimenting too much!

       The  f  option  to format the card will reset all keys to FFFFFFFFFFFF, all data to 00 and
       all ACLs to default.

       The W option allows writing of special MIFARE cards that can be 'unlocked' to allow  block
       0 to be overwritten. This includes UID and manufacturer data. Take care when amending UIDs
       to set the correct BCC (UID checksum). Currently only 4 byte UIDs are supported.

       Similarly, the R option allows an 'unlocked' read. This bypasses authentication and allows
       reading of the Key A and Key B data regardless of ACLs.

       R/W  errors  on  some  blocks can be either considered as critical or ignored.  To halt on
       first error, specify keys with lowercase ( a or b ). To ignore such errors, use  uppercase
       ( A or B ).

       ***  Note  that  W and R options only work on special versions of MIFARE 1K cards (Chinese


       f | r | R | w | W
              Perform format ( f ) or read from ( r ) or unlocked read from ( R ) or write to ( w
              ) or unlocked write to ( W ) card.

       a | A | b | B
              Use A or B MIFARE keys.  Halt on errors ( a | b ) or tolerate errors ( A | B ).

       DUMP   MiFare Dump (MFD) used to write (card to MFD) or (MFD to card)

       KEYS   MiFare  Dump  (MFD)  that  contains  the  keys (optional). Data part of the dump is

       f      Force using the keyfile KEYS even if UID does not match (optional).


       Please report any bugs on the libnfc issue tracker at:


       libnfc is licensed under the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL), version 3.
       libnfc-utils and libnfc-examples are covered by the the BSD 2-Clause license.


       Adam Laurie <>,
       Roel Verdult <>,
       Romain Tartière <>,
       Romuald Conty <>.

       This manual page was written by Romuald Conty <>.  It is licensed  under
       the terms of the GNU GPL (version 2 or later).