Provided by: openmpt123_0.4.11-1build1_amd64 bug


       openmpt123 - command line module music player based on libopenmpt


       openmpt123 [options] [--] file1 [file2] ...


       openmpt123 plays module music files.


       -h, --help
              Show help

              Show keyboard hotkeys in ui mode

       -q, --quiet
              Suppress non-error screen output

       -v, --verbose
              Show more screen output

              Show version information and exit

              Show version number and nothing else

              Show long version information and exit

              Show elaborate contributors list

              Show license

              Probe each file whether it is a supported file format

       --info Display information about each file

       --ui   Interactively play each file

              Play each file

              Render each file to individual PCM data files

       --terminal-width n
              Assume terminal is n characters wide [default: 72]

       --terminal-height n
              Assume terminal is n characters high [default: 23]

              Show playback progress [default: 0]

              Show peak meters [default: 0]

              Show channel peak meters (EXPERIMENTAL) [default: 0]

              Show pattern (EXPERIMENTAL) [default: 0]

              Show song details [default: 1]

              Show song message [default: 0]

       --update n
              Set output update interval to n ms [default: -1]

       --samplerate n
              Set samplerate to n Hz [default: 48000]

       --channels n
              use n [1,2,4] output channels [default: 2]

              Output 32bit floating point instead of 16bit integer [default: 1]

       --gain n
              Set output gain to n dB [default: 0]

       --stereo n
              Set stereo separation to n % [default: 100]

       --filter n
              Set interpolation filter taps to n [1,2,4,8] [default: 8]

       --ramping n
              Set volume ramping strength n [0..5] [default: -1]

       --tempo f
              Set tempo factor f [default: 1]

       --pitch f
              Set pitch factor f [default: 1]

       --dither n
              Dither    type    to    use   (if   applicable   for   selected   output   format):
              [0=off,1=auto,2=0.5bit,3=1bit] [default: 1]

       --playlist file
              Load playlist from file

              Randomize playlist [default: 0]

              Shuffle through playlist [default: 0]

              Restart playlist when finished [default: 0]

       --subsong n
              Select subsong n (-1 means play all subsongs consecutively) [default: -1]

       --repeat n
              Repeat song n times (-1 means forever) [default: 0]

       --seek n
              Seek to n seconds on start [default: 0]

       --end-time n
              Play until position is n seconds (0 means until the end) [default: 0]

       --ctl c=v
              Set libopenmpt ctl c to value v

       --driver n
              Set output driver [default: default],

       --device n
              Set output device [default: default], use --device help to show available devices

       --buffer n
              Set output buffer size to n ms [default: -1]

       --period n
              Set output period size to n ms [default: -1]

              Write raw audio data to stdout [default: 0]

       --output-type t
              Use output format t when writing  to  a  individual  PCM  files  (only  applies  to
              --render mode) [default: auto]

       -o, --output f
              Write  PCM  output  to file f instead of streaming to audio device (only applies to
              --ui and --batch modes) [default: ]

              Force overwriting of output file [default: 0]

       --     Interpret further arguments as filenames


       Copyright © 2013-2019 OpenMPT developers <>