Provided by: libtext-pdf-perl_0.31-1_all bug


       pdfbklt.plx - Turns documents into booklets


       Converts a PDF file into a booklet. It edits the pdffile to add the
           modifications at the end.


           PDFBKLT [-b num/size] [-p num] [-q] [-r] [-s size] pdffile

         -b num/size    Specifies which page contains the output page size details [1]
                   or gives the dimensions of the page in pts (x;y) or A4,ltr,lgl,A5
         -l        Flag to indicate linear scaling
         -p num    Specifies the number of pages on the output page (1, 2, 4) [2]
                   If 4, can be 4s to flip on short edge
         -q        Quiet (no on screen messages)
         -r        Rotates the output (-p 2 rotates automatically, -r rotates back)
         -s size   Specifies the the location of the actual text on a page:
                       2   half page right and left (big gutter)
                       2r  half page always on right
                       2l  half page always on left
                       4   1/4 page right and left bottom (very big gutter)
                       4t  1/4 page right and left top (very big gutter)
                       4r/4l/4rt/4lt   1/4 page always on right or left bottom or top
                       location as a single string: minx,miny,maxx,maxy in pts