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       pdftoipe - Convert PDF files into editable Ipe format


       pdftoipe { options } PDF file [ XML file ]


       pdftoipe converts arbitrary PDF files to Ipe's XML format.

       Note  that  pdftoipe  is  not  related  to  Ipe's  use  of the PDF file format.  PDF files
       generated by Ipe contain an extra stream with Ipe markup information, which  is  necessary
       for  Ipe  to read the file again.  If you wish to convert an Ipe-generated PDF-file to XML
       format, you should use ipetoipe -xml!  pdftoipe is meant to allow you  to  take  arbitrary
       PDF files and make them editable in Ipe.

       pdftoipe  does  a  pretty  good job on drawings, but doesn't handle text very well.  Ipe's
       text model is based on LaTeX, which is just too different from the text found in most  PDF

              Ignore all text in the PDF file, convert graphics only

              Allow  Latex  markup  in  text  objects.   The  default is to escape all characters
              special in Latex.

       -math  Use LaTeX math mode for all text in the PDF file

       -merge int
              Set the text merge level, an integer between 0 (the default) and 2.  It  determines
              how  eagerly  pdftoipe tries to combine consecutive text in the PDF document into a
              single Ipe text object.  At level 0, only characters consecutively rendered in  PDF
              are  combined. At level 1, more text is combined.  At level 2, all text is combined
              until a path or image is drawn.

       -unicode int
              Determine what should be done with non-ASCII characters in text.  At level  0,  all
              non-ASCII  characters  are  represented as [U+XXX].  At level 1 (the default), some
              often used characters (such as bullets) are replaced by Latex  equivalents,  others
              are  represented as [U+XXX].  At level 2, characters that are not replaced by Latex
              equivalents are included in UTF-8.  At level 3,  all  characters  are  included  as

              At  level  2 and 3, UTF-8 is set as the input encoding in the Latex preamble of the
              generated Ipe document.

              Note that this only concerns characters for which the PDF file provides  a  mapping
              to Unicode.  Characters from embedded fonts without Unicode mapping (such as symbol
              fonts) are always represented as [S+XX].

       -f int First page to convert

       -l int Last page to convert

       -opw string
              Owner password for encrypted PDF files

       -upw string
              User password for encrypted PDF files

       -q     Quiet mode (don't print any messages or errors)


       Otfried Cheong


       Please report bugs at


       More information about Ipe can be found in The Ipe Manual, available online at

                                         January 3, 2017                              PDFTOIPE(1)