Provided by: ea-utils_1.1.2+dfsg-5build1_amd64 bug


       randomFQ - ea-utils: return random entries from the input fastq


       Unknown  option:  h  usage:  ./randomFQ  (-c  <count> | -p <pct>) [-fasta] [-out <prefix>]
       [-seed <int>] <input-fastq> [<input-2> [<index-3>] ]

       Returns <count> number of random entries from the input fastq.

       Output is fastq, unless you specify -fasta

       If the -out parameter ends in .gz, the result is gzipped in-place.

       -p returns a % of total reads, -c returns a fixed count.

       SINGLE END:

       Outputs to standard output, unless -out <file> is specified.

       PAIRED END:

       Pass 2 (or 3) files as input, -out is required.

       If the paired-end output contains a  "%"  sign,  it  is  replaced  with  the  1  &  2  for

       IE: -o output_%.fastq.gz

       Otherwise it's jsut output_1 and output_2

       *** If one file is an indexed read, it has to be the 3rd file (for now).