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       rmligs-german - remove incorrectly used ligatures from German LaTeX documents


       rmligs-german [options] FILE(s) ...


       rmligs-german  is  a program for removing incorrectly used ligatures from LaTeX documents.
       This version is intended for German language texts only. Words like `Auflage´ e.g. will be
       changed to `Auf"|lage´ which is typographically correct.

       The wordlist data is based on the igerman98 dictionary.

       The  input  data  may  be  ISO-8859-1/15 or UTF-8 encoded text. Also the German LaTeX like
       encoding of umlauts ("a, "u etc.) is treated correctly.


       --filter, -f
              filter mode. This is useful for streaming.

       --test, -t
              test mode. This just shows what would  be  changed  but  nothing  will  be  written
              (read-only). This does not make sense in filter mode.

       --interactive, -i
              prompt before applying changes

       --quiet, -q
              quiet operation


       The   German   language   /usr/share/doc/rmligs-german/README.ligatures   file   from  the
       documentation of this program,

       Duden (the German´s orthography bible),

       nice and mostly older hand-set books


       There is no sanity checking of LaTeX files; rmligs-german will happily  correct  words  in
       all files - even binaries! For safety reasons there is always a .bak file created.

       checking  latin1 text in UTF-8 locales might throw out some error messages about malformed
       UTF-8 but that does not matter - the file is processed correctly.


       Bjoern Jacke

       Send mail to bjoern [at] for bug reports and suggestions.