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       s3cl - Command line for Amazon s3 cloud storage


       version 0.89


       s3cl command [options]

         s3cl buckets
         s3cl mkbucket --bucket some_bucket_name --jurisdiction [EU|US]
         s3cl ls <bucket>:[prefix]
         s3cl cp <bucket>:<key> /path/[filename]
         s3cl sync <bucket>:[prefix] /path/
         s3cl sync_up [--acl_short=public-read] <bucket>:[prefix] /path/
         s3cl rm <bucket>:<key>

          -help            brief help message
          -man             full documentation

        We take NO responsibility for the costs incured through using
        this script.

        To run this script, you need to set a pair of environment variables:



       This program gives a command line interface to Amazons s3 storage service. It does not
       limit the number of requests (which may cost you more money than if you did it a different
       way!) and each request costs Money (although some costs from EC2 may be $0.0, check latest
       from Amazon costs page) - we take NO responsibility for your bill.


       Leo Lapworth <>


       This software is copyright (c) 2020 by Amazon Digital Services, Leon Brocard, Brad
       Fitzpatrick, Pedro Figueiredo, Rusty Conover.

       This is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as
       the Perl 5 programming language system itself.


           s3cl buckets

           List all buckets for this account.

           s3cl mkbucket --bucket sombucketname [--jurisdiction [EU|US]]

           Create a new bucket, optionally specifying what jurisdiction it should be created in.

       ls  s3cl ls <bucket>:[prefix]

           List contents of a bucket, the optional prefix can be partial, in which case all keys
           matching this as the start of the key name will be returned.  If no prefix is supplied
           all keys of the bucket will be returned.

       cp  s3cl cp <bucket>:<key> target_file

           s3cl cp <bucket>:<key> target_directory

           Copy a single key from the bucket to the target file, or into the target_directory.

           s3cl sync <bucket>:[prefix] target_dir

           Downloads all files matching the prefix into a directory structure replicating that of
           the prefix and all 'sub-directories'. It will download ALL files - even if already on
           your local disk:


             #  Data transfer "in" and "out" refers to transfer into and out
             #  of Amazon S3.  Data transferred between Amazon EC2 and
             #  Amazon S3, is free of charge (i.e., $0.00 per GB), except
             #  data transferred between Amazon EC2 and Amazon S3-Europe,
             #  which will be charged at regular rates.

           s3cl sync_up [--acl_short=public-read] <bucket>:[prefix] /path/

           Upload all the files below /path/ to S3, with an optional prefix at the start of the
           key name. The existing S3 files and meta data are fetched from S3 and the md5 (etag)
           is compaired to what is on the local disk, files are not upload if the content has not

           Use --acl_short to set access control, options from Net::Amazon::S3::Bucket#set_acl
           this is only applied when the file is uploaded.

           Each files content-type is worked out using MIME::Types, if this does not match
           'text/plain' is used for ASCII text files, otherwise a warning is issued and the file
           is NOT uploaded.

           Currently this does NOT remove old files from S3, and if there is any change to a file
           then the entire file will be reuploaded.

       rm  s3cl rm <bucket>:<key>

           Remove a key(file) from the bucket, removing a non-existent file is not classed as an
           error. Once removed the key (file) can not be restored - so use with care!


       This module contains code modified from Amazon that contains the following notice (which
       is also applicicable to this code):

         #  This software code is made available "AS IS" without
         #  warranties of any kind.  You may copy, display, modify and
         #  redistribute the software code either by itself or as incorporated
         #  into your code; provided that you do not remove any proprietary
         #  notices.  Your use of this software code is at your own risk and
         #  you waive any claim against Amazon Digital Services, Inc. or its
         #  affiliates with respect to your use of this software code.
         #  (c) 2006 Amazon Digital Services, Inc. or its affiliates.


       Leo Lapworth <> - Part of the HinuHinu project