Provided by: gridengine-client_8.1.9+dfsg-9build2_amd64 bug


       sge_share_mon - print Grid Engine live share tree


       sge_share_mon  [-c  count]  [-d  delimiter]  [-f  field,field...]   [-h] [-i interval] [-l
       delimiter] [-m output_mode] [-n] [-o output_file] [-r delimiter] [-s  string_format]  [-t]
       [-u] [-x]


       sge_share_mon prints the live state of the Grid Engine share tree (as opposed to qmon(1)'s
       static graphical view).  It does so for a given number (default  infinite)  of  intervals;
       use -c 1 for a snapshot.


       -c count
              Print count collections (default infinite).

       -d delimiter
              Delimit output columns with string delimiter (default a tab).

       -f field,...
              Print  the  given fields.  The available fields in the default order are curr_time,
              usage_time, node_name, user_name, project_name, shares, job_count, level%,  total%,
              long_target_share,  short_target_share,  actual_share,  usage, cpu, mem, io, ltcpu,
              ltmem, ltio.

       -h     Print a header listing field names.

       -i interval
              Collect over interval seconds (default 15)

       -l delimiter
              Delimit nodes output with string delimiter (default a carriage return).

       -m output_mode
              Open  output_file  in  fopen(3)  mode  output_mode  (default  w).   The  meaningful
              alternative is a to append to the file.

       -n     Print in the form name=value

       -o output_file
              Print to file output_file (default standard output).

       -r delimiter
              Delimit collection records with string delimiter (default a carriage return).

       -s string_format
              printf(3)-style format for strings (default %s)

       -t     Show times formatted per ctime(3).  (Default is seconds since the epoch.)

       -u     Print decayed usage (since timestamp) in nodes.

       -x     Don't print non-leaf nodes.


       fopen(3), printf(3), qmon(1), share_tree(5).

                                            2011-12-24                           sge_share_mon(1)