Provided by: casacore-tools_3.2.1-4build3_amd64 bug


       tablefromascii - Convert an ASCII file to a table


       tablefromascii input [ ... ]


       This  program  converts an ASCII table to a table. It can only handle scalar columns.  The
       separator between the fields in the ASCII file can be specified.


       -in [string]
              Input ASCII file

       -out [string]
              Output table name

       -headerfile [string]
              Name of optional file containing headers

       -autoheader [T|F]
              Determine header automatically? (default: F)

       -autoshape [string]
              Shape if all columns are treated as one array

       -columnnames [string]
              Comma separated names of the columns

       -datatypes [string]
              Comma separated data types of the columns

       -sep [string]
              One character separator between values

       -commentmarker [string]
              Regex indicating comments

       -firstline [int]
              First line to process (default: 1)

       -lastline [int]
              Last line to process (<0 is till end; default: -1)


       This manual page was written by Ole Streicher with information from the source code.