Provided by: casacore-tools_3.2.1-4build3_amd64 bug


       taql - query language for casacore tables


       taql [OPTIONS]


       The  Table  Query Language (TaQL) is an SQL-like high level language to do operations like
       selection, sort, and update on a casacore table. It is a very versatile language with full
       support  for  table  columns  containing  array  data.  It has inherent support for masked
       arrays, units, and astronomical coordinates. It has a very rich  set  of  functions  (like
       cone  search  and  array reduction) making it very suitable for astronomical applications.
       User  defined  functions  can  be  added   easily.   It   also   has   full   support   of
       grouping/aggregation  and  nested  queries. An operation that can be expressed in a single
       function is the matching of two sky catalogues.

       taql can be started with multiple  arguments  containing  options  and  an  optional  TaQL
       command  as  the last argument.  It will run interactively if no TaQL command is given. If
       possible, interactive commands are kept in $HOME/.taqlhistory for later reuse.

       A binding in C++, Python, and Glish is available.


              defines the TaQL style. The default style is python; if no value is given after  -s
              it defaults to glish.

              show help and exits.

              show the values of selected columns.

              if possible, show values as formatted measures.

              show the (expanded) TaQL command.

              show the number of rows selected, updated, etc.

       The  default for -pc is on for interactive mode, otherwise off.  The default for -pr, -ps,
       and -pm is on.



       This manual page was written by Benda Xu <>, for  the  Debian  GNU/Linux