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Topic: distance

       d.geodesic                                                   Displays  a  geodesic  line,  tracing  the shortest distance
                                                                    between two geographic points along a  great  circle,  in  a
                                                                    longitude/latitude data set.

       d.rhumbline                                                  Displays   the   rhumbline  joining  two  longitude/latitude

       m.cogo                                                       A  simple  utility  for  converting  bearing  and   distance
                                                                    measurements to coordinates and vice versa.

       r.distance                                                   Locates  the  closest  points  between objects in two raster

       r.grow.distance                                              Generates a  raster  map  containing  distances  to  nearest
                                                                    raster features.

       r.grow                                                       Generates  a raster map layer with contiguous areas grown by
                                                                    one cell.

       v.distance                                                   Finds the nearest element in vector map ’to’ for elements in
                                                                    vector map ’from’.

       See also the corresponding keyword distance for additional references.

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