Provided by: elastix_4.9.0-1_amd64 bug


       transformix - apply geometric transform to an image


       transformix mandatory-args [optional-args]


       transformix  applies  a  transform on an input image and/or generates a deformation field.
       The transform is specified in the transform-parameter file.


       Call transformix from the command line with mandatory arguments:

       -out      output directory

       -tp       transform-parameter file, only 1

       Optional extra commands:

       -in       input image to deform

       -def      file containing input-image points

              the point are transformed according to the specified transform-parameter  file  use
              "-def  all"  to  transform  all  points  from  the  input-image,  which effectively
              generates a deformation field.

       -jac      use "-jac all" to generate an image with the determinant of the spatial Jacobian

       -jacmat   use "-jacmat all" to generate an image with the spatial Jacobian matrix at  each

       -priority set the process priority to high or belownormal (Windows only)

       -threads  set the maximum number of threads of transformix
              At least one of the options "-in", "-def", "-jac", or "-jacmat" should be given.

       The transform-parameter file must contain all the information necessary for transformix to
       run properly. That includes which transform to use, with which  parameters,  etc.   For  a
       usable transform-parameter file, see the output of elastix.



       Check the website, or mail