Provided by: libunicode-japanese-perl_0.49-1build5_amd64 bug


       ujconv -- reinvented iconv(1) using Unicode::Japanese


         ujconv [-f from_encoding] [-t to_encoding] [-s string] [files...]
         ujconv -l
         ujconv -h
         ujconv -V


       ujconv 0.02


       ujconv is an iconv-like tool which is written in perl using Unicode::Japanese.

       ujconv reads text from STDIN or files, convert them, and print them to STDOUT.

       Available options are as follows. Each options can be in short form (-f) or long form

       -f,--from from_encoding
           Convert characters from from_encoding. Unlike iconv this option can be omitted. In
           that case, the encoding of the input is guessed by ujconv.

       -t,--to to_encoding
           Convert characters to to_encoding.

       -s,--string string
           Input from the argument string instead of file or STDIN.

           List all available encodings, one name per each lines.

           Print a short help message.

           Print the version of ujconv.


       Unicode::Japanese, piconv(1), iconv(1), ujguess