Provided by: xhk_1.2-1_amd64 bug


       xhk - HalfKey Xorg Driver Utility


       xhk [-m] [-d] [-h]


       xHK is a half keyboard mirroring implementation to help one handed typist.

       Running  xhk  detaches the keyboard, and intercepts all input; processing it for space bar
       pushes as it goes.  The space bar acts as a modifier if it is held at the same time  as  a
       standard  letter.   Modifying  acts to mirror the input such that key presses are mirrored
       down the middle of the home row.  Pressing space, and then releasing will still provide  a
       single space character.


       -d     increase debug verbosity levels.

       -h     display a friendly help message.

       -m     mirror mode - All keys are changed to reversed keyboard layout.

       -t     X11 related keycode test.

       -v     show xHK version


       Kieran Bingham.

                                           January 2019                                    XHK(1)