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       ALLEGRO_PRIM_TYPE - Allegro 5 API


              #include <allegro5/allegro_primitives.h>

              typedef enum ALLEGRO_PRIM_TYPE


       Enumerates the types of primitives this addon can draw.

       · ALLEGRO_PRIM_POINT_LIST - A list of points, each vertex defines a point

       · ALLEGRO_PRIM_LINE_LIST - A list of lines, sequential pairs of vertices define disjointed

       · ALLEGRO_PRIM_LINE_STRIP - A strip of lines, sequential vertices define a strip of lines

       · ALLEGRO_PRIM_LINE_LOOP - Like a line strip, except at the end the  first  and  the  last
         vertices are also connected by a line

       · ALLEGRO_PRIM_TRIANGLE_LIST - A list of triangles, sequential triplets of vertices define
         disjointed triangles

       · ALLEGRO_PRIM_TRIANGLE_STRIP - A strip of triangles, sequential vertices define  a  strip
         of triangles

       · ALLEGRO_PRIM_TRIANGLE_FAN - A fan of triangles, all triangles share the first vertex