Provided by: clusterssh_4.14-1_all bug



       Object representing application configuration


       $host=ClusterSSH::Config->new ({ })
           Create a new configuration object.

           Read in configuration from given filename

           Validate and apply all configuration loaded at this point

       $path = $config->search_dirs('<name>', @seaarch_directories);
           Search the given directories for the name given.  Return undef if not found.

       $path = $config->find_binary('<name>');
           Locate the binary <name> and return the full path.  Doesn't just search $PATH in case
           the environment isn't set up correctly

           Load up configuration from known locations (warn if .csshrc file found) and load in
           option files as necessary.

           Write out default $HOME/.clusterssh/config file (before option config files are

           Write currently defined configuration to STDOUT