Provided by: libdebbugs-perl_2.6.0_all bug


       Debbugs::Control::Service -- Handles the modification parts of scripts/service by calling


       use Debbugs::Control::Service;


       This module contains the code to implement the grammar of control@. It is abstracted here
       so that it can be called from process at submit time.

       All of the public functions take the following options:

       debug -- scalar reference to which debbuging information is appended
       transcript -- scalar reference to which transcript information is appended
       affected_bugs -- hashref which is updated with bugs affected by this function

       Functions which should (probably) append to the .log file take the following options:

       requester -- Email address of the individual who requested the change
       request_addr -- Address to which the request was sent
       request_nn -- Name of queue file which caused this request
       request_msgid -- Message id of message which caused this request
       location -- Optional location; currently ignored but may be supported in the future for
       updating archived bugs upon archival
       message -- The original message which caused the action to be taken
       append_log -- Whether or not to append information to the log.

       append_log (for most functions) is a special option. When set to false, no appending to
       the log is done at all. When it is not present, the above information is faked, and
       appended to the log file. When it is true, the above options must be present, and their
       values are used.