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       Debbugs::SOAP --




       None known.

            my %ut = get_usertag('','this-bug-sucks','eat-this-bug');
            my %ut = get_usertag('');

       Returns a hashref of bugs which have the specified usertags for the user set.

       In the second case, returns all of the usertags for the user passed.

            my @statuses = get_status(@bugs);
            my @statuses = get_status([bug => 304234,
                                       dist => 'unstable',
                                      [bug => 304233,
                                       dist => 'unstable',

       Returns an arrayref of hashrefs which output the status for specific sets of bugs.

       In the first case, no options are passed to Debbugs::Status::get_bug_status besides the
       bug number; in the second the bug, dist, arch, bugusertags, sourceversions, and version
       parameters are passed if they are present.

       As a special case for suboptimal SOAP implementations, if only one argument is passed to
       get_status and it is an arrayref which either is empty, has a number as the first element,
       or contains an arrayref as the first element, the outer arrayref is dereferenced, and
       processed as in the examples above.

       See Debbugs::Status::get_bug_status for details.

            my @bugs = get_bugs(...);
            my @bugs = get_bugs([...]);

       Returns a list of bugs. In the second case, allows the variable parameters to be specified
       as an array reference in case your favorite language's SOAP implementation is craptacular.

       See Debbugs::Bugs::get_bugs for details on what "..." actually means.

            my @bugs = newest_bugs(5);

       Returns a list of the newest bugs. [Note that all bugs are *not* guaranteed to exist, but
       they should in the most common cases.]

            my $bug_log = get_bug_log($bug);
            my $bug_log = get_bug_log($bug,$msg_num);

       Retuns a parsed set of the bug log; this is an array of hashes with the following

        [{html => '',
          header => '',
          body    => '',
          attachments => [],
          msg_num     => 5,
         {html => '',
          header => '',
          body    => '',
          attachments => [],

       Currently $msg_num is completely ignored.


       Returns a reference to the source package name and version pair corresponding to a given
       binary package name, version, and architecture. If undef is passed as the architecture,
       returns a list of references to all possible pairs of source package names and versions
       for all architectures, with any duplicates removed.

       As of comaptibility version 2, this has changed to use the more powerful binary_to_source
       routine, which allows returning source only, concatenated scalars, and other useful

       See the documentation of Debbugs::Packages::binary_to_source for details.


       Returns a reference to an array of references to binary package name, version, and
       architecture corresponding to a given source package name and version. In the case that
       the given name and version cannot be found, the unversioned package to source map is
       consulted, and the architecture is not returned.

       (This function corresponds to Debbugs::Packages::sourcetobinary)

                        dist => 'unstable',
                        arch => 'i386',

       Returns a list of the versions of package in the distributions and architectures listed.
       This routine only returns unique values.

       package -- package to return list of versions
       dist -- distribution (unstable, stable, testing); can be an arrayref
       arch -- architecture (i386, source, ...); can be an arrayref
       time -- returns a version=>time hash at which the newest package matching this version was
       source -- returns source/version instead of just versions
       no_source_arch -- discards the source architecture when arch is not passed. [Used for
       finding the versions of binary packages only.] Defaults to 0, which does not discard the
       source architecture. (This may change in the future, so if you care, please code
       return_archs -- returns a version=>[archs] hash indicating which architectures are at
       which versions.

       This function corresponds to Debbugs::Packages::get_versions


       The functionality provided by the SOAP interface will change over time.

       To the greatest extent possible, we will attempt to provide backwards compatibility with
       previous versions; however, in order to have backwards compatibility, you need to specify
       the version with which you are compatible.