Provided by: dl10n_3.00_all bug


       Debian::L10n::Debconf - translation status of Debconf templates


        use Debian::L10n::Debconf;
        my $tmpl = Debian::L10n::Debconf->new();
        my @languages = $tmpl->langs();
        foreach (sort @languages) {
               my ($t,$f,$u) = $tmpl->stats($_);
               print "$_:${t}t${f}f${u}u\n";


       This module extracts informations about translation status of Debconf templates files.


       new This is the constructor.

              my $tmpl = Debian::L10n::Debconf->new();

           Read a templates file containing all translations.  An optional second argument may be
           used, any non-zero value tells that this file comes with translations in other files.
           In such a case no warning is raised if this file contains translated fields, because
           maintainer is assumed to be responsible for such translations.


           Read templates contained in several files.  First argument is the English file, all
           other arguments are translated templates files.

              @trans = qw( templates.ja;
              $tmpl->read_dispatched('templates', @trans);

           Return the languages in which this templates file is translated.

              my @list = $tmpl->langs();

           When templates are dispatched into several files, return the filename in which the
           language passed as argument is found.

              my $filename = $tmpl->filename("de");

           Return the number of translatable strings in this templates file.

              my $number = $tmpl->count();

           With an argument, return an array consisting of the number of translated, fuzzy and
           untranslated strings for the language given as argument.  Without argument, return a
           hash array indexed by language and returning an array of the number of translated,
           fuzzy and untranslated strings.

              my ($t, $f, $u) = $tmpl->stats("de");
              my %stats  = $tmpl->stats();
              foreach (keys %stats) {
                      print $_.':'. $stats{$_}->[0].'t'.$stats{$_}->[1].'f'.

           Return an array containing all Debconf ids found in this templates file.

              my @ids = $tmpl->entries();


       Copyright (C) 2001  Denis Barbier <>

       This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of
       the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either
       version 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.