Provided by: emboss-explorer_2.2.0-10_all bug


       EMBOSS::GUI::XHTML - generate HTML for EMBOSS::GUI


       Luke McCarthy <>


       Not for public consumption.  Use EMBOSS::GUI instead.


       EMBOSS::GUI::XHTML generates the HTML required by EMBOSS::GUI.  The appearance of
       EMBOSS::GUI can be customized by editing or replacing the default style sheet.  There is
       very little that cannot be accomplished in this way.  If new HTML is absolutely required,
       simply create a new module that provides the methods described below and specify the new
       module in the EMBOSS::GUI constructor.

       Public methods are described below:

           Returns a new EMBOSS::GUI::XHTML object.

           %args is a hash of optional named arguments.  The following arguments are %recognized:

           static => $boolean
               If $boolean is true, the generated HTML will assume that, where possible, the
               pages of the interface have been generated statically and will be linked
               appropriately.  See also the mkstatic script in the EMBOSS::GUI distribution.

           frames => $boolean
               If $boolean is true, the generated HTML will assume that the main menu is in its
               own frame and doesn't have to be added to each page.

           script_url => $url
               Specifies the URL of the main EMBOSS::GUI CGI script.  This parameter is required
               if static pages are generated, otherwise the URL will be determined from the CGI

           style_url => $url
               Specifies the URL of the style sheet to use.

           image_url => $url
               Specifies a URL prefix to place before image links.

           manual_url => $url
               Specifies a URL prefix to place before manual links.  This prefix is only used if
               static pages are generated.

           Generates an introductory page describing EMBOSS and the GUI.

           Generates the main menu page.

           @entries is either a list of applications as returned by EMBOSS::GUI::apps(), or a
           list of groups as returned by EMBOSS::GUI::groups().

       input_page($acd, $hide_optional)
           Generates the application-specific input page.

           $acd is an EMBOSS::ACD object that describes the application.

           $hide_optional is a boolean value that determines whether optional parameters (also
           called additional parameters in the EMBOSS documenation) will appear in the input

           Generates an output page based on the contents of the specified directory.

           $output_dir is a directory containing the output of an EMBOSS application.

       manual_page($app, $manual)
           Generates the application-specific manual page.

           $app is the name of the application.

           $manual_html is the full text of the HTML application manual.

           Generates the default output page to be used as a placeholder until the application
           has finished running and the actual output is available.

           $refresh_delay is the number of seconds to wait between page reloads.

           Generates an error page.

           @error is the text of the error message.  All elements of the list are joined into a
           single string, so this method has the same syntax as print, warn, die, etc.

           Generates a page that sets up the menu and main content frames.


       If the user has asked to see only required fields, sections containing only optional
       fields will still be visible, even though the fields they contain are hidden.  Fixing this
       requires better section handling in EMBOSS::ACD.


       Copyright (c) 2004 Luke McCarthy.  All rights reserved.  This program is free software.
       You may copy or redistribute it under the same terms as Perl itself.