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       Parse::Pidl::Wireshark::Conformance - Conformance file parser for Wireshark


       This module supports parsing Wireshark conformance files (*.cnf).


       Pidl needs additional data for Wireshark output. This data is read from so-called
       conformance files. This section describes the format of these files.

       Conformance files are simple text files with a single command on each line.  Empty lines
       and lines starting with a '#' character are ignored.  Arguments to commands are separated
       by spaces.

       The following commands are currently supported:

       TYPE name dissector ft_type base_type mask valsstring alignment
           Register new data type with specified name, what dissector function to call and what
           properties to give header fields for elements of this type.

       NOEMIT type
           Suppress emitting a dissect_type function for the specified type

       PARAM_VALUE type param
           Set parameter to specify to dissector function for given type.

       HF_FIELD hf title filter ft_type base_type valsstring mask description
           Generate a custom header field with specified properties.

       HF_RENAME old_hf_name new_hf_name
           Force the use of new_hf_name when the parser generator was going to use old_hf_name.

           This can be used in conjunction with HF_FIELD in order to make more than one element
           use the same filter name.

       ETT_FIELD ett
           Register a custom ett field

       STRIP_PREFIX prefix
           Remove the specified prefix from all function names (if present).

       PROTOCOL longname shortname filtername
           Change the short-, long- and filter-name for the current interface in Wireshark.

       FIELD_DESCRIPTION field desc
           Change description for the specified header field. `field' is the hf name of the

       IMPORT dissector code...
           Code to insert when generating the specified dissector. @HF@ and @PARAM@ will be

       INCLUDE filename
           Include conformance data from the specified filename in the dissector.

       TFS hf_name "true string" "false string"
           Override the text shown when a bitmap boolean value is enabled or disabled.

       MANUAL fn_name
           Force pidl to not generate a particular function but allow the user to write a
           function manually. This can be used to remove the function for only one level for a
           particular element rather than all the functions and ett/hf variables for a particular
           element as the NOEMIT command does.

       CODE START/CODE END Begin and end a section of code to be put directly into the generated
       source file for the dissector.
       HEADER START/HEADER END Begin and end a section of code to be put directly into the
       generated header file for the dissector.


               INFO_KEY OpenKey.Ke

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