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       SPI_execute_plan_with_paramlist - execute a statement prepared by SPI_prepare


       int SPI_execute_plan_with_paramlist(SPIPlanPtr plan,
                                           ParamListInfo params,
                                           bool read_only,
                                           long count)


       SPI_execute_plan_with_paramlist executes a statement prepared by SPI_prepare. This
       function is equivalent to SPI_execute_plan except that information about the parameter
       values to be passed to the query is presented differently. The ParamListInfo
       representation can be convenient for passing down values that are already available in
       that format. It also supports use of dynamic parameter sets via hook functions specified
       in ParamListInfo.


       SPIPlanPtr plan
           prepared statement (returned by SPI_prepare)

       ParamListInfo params
           data structure containing parameter types and values; NULL if none

       bool read_only
           true for read-only execution

       long count
           maximum number of rows to return, or 0 for no limit


       The return value is the same as for SPI_execute_plan.

       SPI_processed and SPI_tuptable are set as in SPI_execute_plan if successful.