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       SSL_CTX_get_ex_data, SSL_CTX_set_ex_data, SSL_get_ex_data, SSL_set_ex_data - Store and
       retrieve extra data from the SSL_CTX, SSL or SSL_SESSION


        #include <openssl/ssl.h>

        void *SSL_CTX_get_ex_data(const SSL_CTX *s, int idx);

        int SSL_CTX_set_ex_data(SSL_CTX *s, int idx, void *arg);

        void *SSL_get_ex_data(const SSL *s, int idx);

        int SSL_set_ex_data(SSL *s, int idx, void *arg);


       SSL*_set_ex_data() functions can be used to store arbitrary user data into the SSL_CTX, or
       SSL object. The user must supply a unique index which they can subsequently use to
       retrieve the data using SSL*_get_ex_data().

       For more detailed information see CRYPTO_get_ex_data(3) and CRYPTO_set_ex_data(3) which
       implement these functions and CRYPTO_get_ex_new_index(3) for generating a unique index.


       The SSL*_set_ex_data() functions return 1 if the item is successfully stored and 0 if it
       is not.  The SSL*_get_ex_data() functions return the ex_data pointer if successful,
       otherwise NULL.


       CRYPTO_get_ex_data(3), CRYPTO_set_ex_data(3), CRYPTO_get_ex_new_index(3)


       Copyright 2017 The OpenSSL Project Authors. All Rights Reserved.

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