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       Stdlib.Oo - no description


       Module   Stdlib.Oo


       Module Oo
        : (module Stdlib__oo)

       val copy : (< .. > as 'a) -> 'a

       Oo.copy  o  returns  a copy of object o , that is a fresh object with the same methods and
       instance variables as o .

       val id : < .. > -> int

       Return an integer identifying this  object,  unique  for  the  current  execution  of  the
       program.  The  generic comparison and hashing functions are based on this integer. When an
       object is obtained by unmarshaling, the id is  refreshed,  and  thus  different  from  the
       original object. As a consequence, the internal invariants of data structures such as hash
       table or sets containing objects are broken after unmarshaling the data structures.