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       Tcl_NewIntObj,    Tcl_NewLongObj,    Tcl_NewWideIntObj,   Tcl_SetIntObj,   Tcl_SetLongObj,
       Tcl_SetWideIntObj,    Tcl_GetIntFromObj,    Tcl_GetLongFromObj,     Tcl_GetWideIntFromObj,
       Tcl_NewBignumObj,    Tcl_SetBignumObj,   Tcl_GetBignumFromObj,   Tcl_TakeBignumFromObj   -
       manipulate Tcl values as integers


       #include <tcl.h>

       Tcl_Obj *

       Tcl_Obj *

       Tcl_Obj *

       Tcl_SetIntObj(objPtr, intValue)

       Tcl_SetLongObj(objPtr, longValue)

       Tcl_SetWideIntObj(objPtr, wideValue)

       Tcl_GetIntFromObj(interp, objPtr, intPtr)

       Tcl_GetLongFromObj(interp, objPtr, longPtr)

       Tcl_GetWideIntFromObj(interp, objPtr, widePtr)

       #include <tclTomMath.h>

       Tcl_Obj *

       Tcl_SetBignumObj(objPtr, bigValue)

       Tcl_GetBignumFromObj(interp, objPtr, bigValue)

       Tcl_TakeBignumFromObj(interp, objPtr, bigValue)

       Tcl_InitBignumFromDouble(interp, doubleValue, bigValue)


       int intValue (in)                     Integer value used to initialize or set a Tcl value.

       long longValue (in)                   Long integer value used to initialize or set  a  Tcl

       Tcl_WideInt wideValue (in)            Wide  integer  value used to initialize or set a Tcl

       Tcl_Obj *objPtr (in/out)              For          Tcl_SetIntObj,          Tcl_SetLongObj,
                                             Tcl_SetWideIntObj, and Tcl_SetBignumObj, this points
                                             to the value in which to store  an  integral  value.
                                             For      Tcl_GetIntFromObj,      Tcl_GetLongFromObj,
                                             Tcl_GetWideIntFromObj,   Tcl_GetBignumFromObj,   and
                                             Tcl_TakeBignumFromObj, this refers to the value from
                                             which to retrieve an integral value.

       Tcl_Interp *interp (in/out)           When non-NULL, an error message is  left  here  when
                                             integral value retrieval fails.

       int *intPtr (out)                     Points to place to store the integer value retrieved
                                             from objPtr.

       long *longPtr (out)                   Points to place to  store  the  long  integer  value
                                             retrieved from objPtr.

       Tcl_WideInt *widePtr (out)            Points  to  place  to  store  the wide integer value
                                             retrieved from objPtr.

       mp_int *bigValue (in/out)             Points  to  a  multi-precision   integer   structure
                                             declared by the LibTomMath library.

       double doubleValue (in)               Double   value   from  which  the  integer  part  is
                                             determined and used to initialize a  multi-precision
                                             integer value.


       These  procedures  are  used  to  create,  modify,  and read Tcl values that hold integral

       The different routines exist to accommodate different  integral  types  in  C  with  which
       values  might  be  exchanged.   The C integral types for which Tcl provides value exchange
       routines are int, long int, Tcl_WideInt, and mp_int.  The  int  and  long  int  types  are
       provided  by  the  C  language  standard.  The Tcl_WideInt type is a typedef defined to be
       whatever   signed   integral   type   covers   at   least   the   64-bit   integer   range
       (-9223372036854775808  to  9223372036854775807).   Depending  on  the  platform  and the C
       compiler, the actual type might be long int, long long int, __int64,  or  something  else.
       The  mp_int  type is a multiple-precision integer type defined by the LibTomMath multiple-
       precision integer library.

       The Tcl_NewIntObj, Tcl_NewLongObj, Tcl_NewWideIntObj, and Tcl_NewBignumObj  routines  each
       create  and return a new Tcl value initialized to the integral value of the argument.  The
       returned Tcl value is unshared.

       The Tcl_SetIntObj, Tcl_SetLongObj, Tcl_SetWideIntObj, and Tcl_SetBignumObj  routines  each
       set the value of an existing Tcl value pointed to by objPtr to the integral value provided
       by the other argument.  The objPtr argument must point to  an  unshared  Tcl  value.   Any
       attempt  to  set the value of a shared Tcl value violates Tcl's copy-on-write policy.  Any
       existing string representation or internal representation in the unshared Tcl  value  will
       be freed as a consequence of setting the new value.

       The  Tcl_GetIntFromObj,  Tcl_GetLongFromObj,  Tcl_GetWideIntFromObj, Tcl_GetBignumFromObj,
       and  Tcl_TakeBignumFromObj  routines  attempt  to  retrieve  an  integral  value  of   the
       appropriate  type  from  the  Tcl  value  objPtr.  If the attempt succeeds, then TCL_OK is
       returned, and the value is written to the storage provided by  the  caller.   The  attempt
       might fail if objPtr does not hold an integral value, or if the value exceeds the range of
       the target type.  If the attempt fails, then TCL_ERROR is returned, and if interp is  non-
       NULL,  an  error  message  is left in interp.  The Tcl_ObjType of objPtr may be changed to
       make subsequent calls to the same routine more  efficient.  Unlike  the  other  functions,
       Tcl_TakeBignumFromObj  may  set  the content of the Tcl value objPtr to an empty string in
       the process of retrieving the multiple-precision integer value.

       The choice between Tcl_GetBignumFromObj and Tcl_TakeBignumFromObj is governed by  how  the
       caller  will  continue to use objPtr.  If after the mp_int value is retrieved from objPtr,
       the caller will make no more use of objPtr, then using Tcl_TakeBignumFromObj  permits  Tcl
       to  detect  when an unshared objPtr permits the value to be moved instead of copied, which
       should be more efficient.  If anything later in the caller requires objPtr to continue  to
       hold the same value, then Tcl_GetBignumFromObj must be chosen.

       The Tcl_InitBignumFromDouble routine is a utility procedure that extracts the integer part
       of doubleValue and stores that integer value in the mp_int value bigValue.


       Tcl_NewObj, Tcl_DecrRefCount, Tcl_IncrRefCount, Tcl_GetObjResult


       integer, integer value, integer type, internal representation, value, value  type,  string