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       Template::Manual::Credits - Author and contributor credits


       The Template Toolkit began its life as the "Text::MetaText" module, originally released to
       CPAN around 1996.  This itself was the public manifestation of an earlier template
       processing system I developed while working at Peritas (now Knowledge Pool -

       "Text::MetaText" was the prototype - the one we always planned to throw away.  It did the
       job well, showing us what worked and what didn't, what was good and what was bad, and gave
       us some ideas about what could be done better, given the chance to start again from

       Some time late in 1998 I threw away the prototype and started work on the Template
       Toolkit. By then I was working at Canon Research Centre Europe Ltd.  (CRE), involved in a
       general research programme related to web publishing and dynamic content generation. The
       first alpha release was in June 1999, followed by numerous more alpha and beta releases
       culminating in 1.00 being released on 2nd December 1999.

       A month or so later, work had begun on version 2.00. The plan was to get the template
       language relatively stable in version 1.00 and not worry too much about performance or
       other internal matters. Then, version 2.00 would follow to improve performance, clean up
       the architecture and fix anything that, with the benefit of hindsight, we thought could be
       improved. As it happens, me starting work on version 2.00 coincided with Doug Steinwand
       sending me his parser variant which compiled templates to Perl code, giving a major
       performance boost. As well as the speedups, there are a whole host of significant new
       features in version 2.00, and a greatly improved internal architecture. Apart from a few
       minor "fixups" the template directives and language have remained the same as in version

       Version 2.00 was available in beta release form in July 2000, just in time for the 4th
       Perl Conference where version 1.00 was awarded "Best New Perl Module".  After another
       extended beta release period, version 2.00 was released on 1st December 2000.

       Version 3 has been in development ever since.


       Andy Wardley <> <>


       Copyright (C) 1996-2014 Andy Wardley.  All Rights Reserved.

       The Template Toolkit is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the
       same terms as Perl itself.


       Many people have contributed ideas, inspiration, fixes and features to the Template
       Toolkit.  Their efforts continue to be very much appreciated.  Please let me know if you
       think anyone is missing from this list.

       If you submit a patch/pull request then please make sure you add your own name to this
       list and include it in the changes.

       Amiri Barksdale, Thierry-Michel Barral, Craig Barratt, Stas Bekman, Robin Berjon, Tony
       Bowden, Neil Bowers, Leon Brocard, Lyle Brooks, Norbert Buchmüller, Dave Cash, Piers
       Cawley, Darren Chamberlain, Timmy Chan, Eric Cholet, Chromatic, Nik Clayton, Tosh Cooey,
       Dave Cross, Chris Dean, Francois Desarmenien, Horst Dumcke, Mark Fowler, Michael Fowler,
       Brian Fraser, Kenny Gatdula, Axel Gerstmair, Jay Hannah,  Dylan William Hardison, Perrin
       Harkins, Bryce Harrington, Dave Hodgkinson,  Lubomir Host, Dave Howorth, Jon Jensen,
       Harald Joerg, Colin Johnson,  Colin Keith, Adam Kennedy, Vivek Khera, Alexey A. Kiritchun,
       Rafael Kitover,  Andreas Koenig, Ivan Kurmanov, Denis F. Latypoff, Hans von Lengerke,
       Jonas Liljegren, Simon Napiorkowski, Breno G. de Oliveira, Leslie Michael Orchard, Paul
       Orrock, Jonathon Padfield, Steve Peters, Briac Pilpré, Yuri Pimenov, Martin Portman, Marc
       Remy, Slaven Rezic, Jess Robinson, Josh Rosenbaum, Christian Schaffner, Mike Schilli,
       Randal L. Schwartz, Paul Seamons, Paul Sharpe, Ricardo Signes, Ville Skyttä, Barrie
       Slaymaker, David Steinbrunner, Doug Steinwand, Michael Stevens, Autrijus Tang, Drew
       Taylor, Rod Taylor, Swen Thuemmler, Richard Tietjen, Ben Tilly, Stathy G. Touloumis, Jim
       Vaughan, Simon Wilcox, Chris Winters.