Provided by: lintian_2.62.0_all bug


       Test::Lintian::Templates -- Helper routines dealing with templates


       use Test::Lintian::Templates qw(fill_template);

       my $data = { 'placeholder' => 'value' }; my $file = '/path/to/generated/file';

       fill_template("$", $file, $data);


       Routines for dealing with templates in Lintian test specifications.


       copy_skeleton_template_sets(INSTRUCTIONS, RUN_PATH, SUITE, TEST_SET)
           Copies template sets belonging to SUITE into the test working directory RUN_PATH
           according to INSTRUCTIONS. The INSTRUCTIONS are the target directory relative to
           RUN_PATH followed by the name of the template set in parentheses. Multiple such
           instructions must be separated by commas.

       remove_surplus_templates(SRC_DIR, TARGET_DIR)
           Removes from TARGET_DIR any templates that have corresponding originals in SRC_DIR.

       fill_skeleton_templates(INSTRUCTIONS, HASH, EPOCH, RUN_PATH, TEST_SET)
           Fills the templates specified in INSTRUCTIONS using the data in HASH. Only fills
           templates when the generated files are not present or are older than either the file
           modification time of the template or the age of the data as evidenced by EPOCH. The
           INSTRUCTIONS are the target directory relative to RUN_PATH followed by the name of the
           whitelist in parentheses. Multiple instructions must be separated by commas.

       fill_whitelisted_templates(DIR, WHITE_LIST, HASH, HASH_EPOCH)
           Generates all files in array WHITE_LIST relative to DIR from their templates, which
           are assumed to have the same file name but with extension '.in', using data provided
           in HASH. The optional argument HASH_EPOCH can be used to preserve files when no
           generation is necessary.

       fill_all_templates(HASH, DIR)
           Fills all templates in DIR with data from HASH.

           Fills template TEMPLATE with data from HASH and places the result in file GENERATED.
           When given HASH_EPOCH, will evaluate beforehand if a substitution is necessary based
           on file modification times. The optional parameter DELIMITERS can be used to change
           the standard delimiters.