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       XDrawImageString, XDrawImageString16 - draw image text


       int  XDrawImageString(Display *display, Drawable d, GC gc, int x, int y, char *string, int

       int XDrawImageString16(Display *display, Drawable d, GC gc, int x, int y, XChar2b *string,
              int length);


       d         Specifies the drawable.

       display   Specifies the connection to the X server.

       gc        Specifies the GC.

       length    Specifies the number of characters in the string argument.

       string    Specifies the character string.

       y         Specify  the  x  and  y  coordinates,  which  are  relative to the origin of the
                 specified drawable and define the origin of the first character.


       The XDrawImageString16 function is similar to XDrawImageString except that it uses  2-byte
       or  16-bit  characters.  Both functions also use both the foreground and background pixels
       of the GC in the destination.

       The effect is first to fill a destination rectangle with the background pixel  defined  in
       the GC and then to paint the text with the foreground pixel.  The upper-left corner of the
       filled rectangle is at:

       [x, y - font-ascent]

       The width is:


       The height is:

       font-ascent + font-descent

       The  overall-width,  font-ascent,  and  font-descent  are  as   would   be   returned   by
       XQueryTextExtents  using gc and string.  The function and fill-style defined in the GC are
       ignored for these functions.  The effective function is GXcopy, and  the  effective  fill-
       style is FillSolid.

       For fonts defined with 2-byte matrix indexing and used with XDrawImageString, each byte is
       used as a byte2 with a byte1 of zero.

       Both  functions  use  these  GC  components:  plane-mask,  foreground,  background,  font,
       subwindow-mode, clip-x-origin, clip-y-origin, and clip-mask.

       XDrawImageString  and  XDrawImageString16  can  generate  BadDrawable, BadGC, and BadMatch


                 A value for a Drawable argument does not name a defined Window or Pixmap.

       BadGC     A value for a GContext argument does not name a defined GContext.

       BadMatch  An InputOnly window is used as a Drawable.

       BadMatch  Some argument or pair of arguments has the correct type and range but  fails  to
                 match in some other way required by the request.


       XDrawString(3), XDrawText(3), XLoadFont(3), XTextExtents(3)
       Xlib - C Language X Interface