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       XGetVisualInfo,   XMatchVisualInfo,   XVisualIDFromVisual,  XVisualInfo  -  obtain  visual
       information and visual structure


       XVisualInfo    *XGetVisualInfo(Display    *display,    long    vinfo_mask,     XVisualInfo
              *vinfo_template, int *nitems_return);

       Status  XMatchVisualInfo(Display  *display,  int screen, int depth, int class, XVisualInfo

       VisualID XVisualIDFromVisual(Visual *visual);


       class     Specifies the class of the screen.

       depth     Specifies the depth of the screen.

       display   Specifies the connection to the X server.

                 Returns the number of matching visual structures.

       screen    Specifies the screen.

       visual    Specifies the visual type.

                 Specifies the visual mask value.

                 Returns the matched visual information.

                 Specifies the visual attributes that are to  be  used  in  matching  the  visual


       The XGetVisualInfo function returns a list of visual structures that have attributes equal
       to the attributes specified by vinfo_template.  If no visual structures match the template
       using  the specified vinfo_mask, XGetVisualInfo returns a NULL.  To free the data returned
       by this function, use XFree.

       The XMatchVisualInfo function returns the visual information for a visual that matches the
       specified depth and class for a screen.  Because multiple visuals that match the specified
       depth and class can exist, the exact visual chosen is undefined.  If a  visual  is  found,
       XMatchVisualInfo  returns  nonzero  and  the  information  on  the visual to vinfo_return.
       Otherwise, when a visual is not found, XMatchVisualInfo returns zero.

       The XVisualIDFromVisual function returns the visual ID for the specified visual type.


       The XVisualInfo structure contains:

       /* Visual information mask bits */

       #define   VisualNoMask                0x0
       #define   VisualIDMask                0x1
       #define   VisualScreenMask            0x2
       #define   VisualDepthMask             0x4
       #define   VisualClassMask             0x8

       #define   VisualRedMaskMask           0x10
       #define   VisualGreenMaskMask         0x20
       #define   VisualBlueMaskMask          0x40
       #define   VisualColormapSizeMask      0x80
       #define   VisualBitsPerRGBMask        0x100
       #define   VisualAllMask               0x1FF
       /* Values */

       typedef struct {
               Visual *visual;
               VisualID visualid;
               int screen;
               int depth;
               int class;
               unsigned long red_mask;
               unsigned long green_mask;
               unsigned long blue_mask;
               int colormap_size;
               int bits_per_rgb;
       } XVisualInfo;


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