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       XPropertyEvent - PropertyNotify event structure


       The structure for PropertyNotify events contains:

       typedef struct {
               int type;       /* PropertyNotify */
               unsigned long serial;   /* # of last request processed by server */
               Bool send_event;        /* true if this came from a SendEvent request */
               Display *display;       /* Display the event was read from */
               Window window;
               Atom atom;
               Time time;
               int state;      /* PropertyNewValue or PropertyDelete */
       } XPropertyEvent;

       When you receive this event, the structure members are set as follows.

       The  type  member is set to the event type constant name that uniquely identifies it.  For
       example, when the X server reports a GraphicsExpose event  to  a  client  application,  it
       sends  an  XGraphicsExposeEvent structure with the type member set to GraphicsExpose.  The
       display member is set to a pointer to the display the event was read on.   The  send_event
       member  is  set  to  True if the event came from a SendEvent protocol request.  The serial
       member is set from the serial number reported in the protocol but expanded from the 16-bit
       least-significant  bits  to  a  full 32-bit value.  The window member is set to the window
       that is most useful to toolkit dispatchers.

       The window member is set to the window whose associated property was  changed.   The  atom
       member  is set to the property's atom and indicates which property was changed or desired.
       The time member is set to the server time when the property was changed.  The state member
       is  set  to indicate whether the property was changed to a new value or deleted and can be
       PropertyNewValue or PropertyDelete.  The state member is set to  PropertyNewValue  when  a
       property  of  the window is changed using XChangeProperty or XRotateWindowProperties (even
       when adding zero-length data using XChangeProperty) and when replacing all or  part  of  a
       property  with identical data using XChangeProperty or XRotateWindowProperties.  The state
       member is  set  to  PropertyDelete  when  a  property  of  the  window  is  deleted  using
       XDeleteProperty or, if the delete argument is True, XGetWindowProperty.


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