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       XSetWMIconName,  XGetWMIconName,  XSetIconName,  XGetIconName  -  set  or  read a window's
       WM_ICON_NAME property


       void XSetWMIconName(Display *display, Window w, XTextProperty *text_prop);

       Status XGetWMIconName(Display *display, Window w, XTextProperty *text_prop_return);

       int XSetIconName(Display *display, Window w, char *icon_name);

       Status XGetIconName(Display *display, Window w, char **icon_name_return);


       display   Specifies the connection to the X server.

       icon_name Specifies the icon name, which should be a null-terminated string.

                 Returns the window's icon name, which is a null-terminated string.

       text_prop Specifies the XTextProperty structure to be used.

                 Returns the XTextProperty structure.

       w         Specifies the window.


       The XSetWMIconName convenience function calls XSetTextProperty  to  set  the  WM_ICON_NAME

       The  XGetWMIconName convenience function calls XGetTextProperty to obtain the WM_ICON_NAME
       property.  It returns a nonzero status on success; otherwise, it returns a zero status.

       The XSetIconName function sets the name to be displayed in a window's icon.

       XSetIconName can generate BadAlloc and BadWindow errors.

       The XGetIconName function returns the name to be displayed in the specified window's icon.
       If  it  succeeds, it returns a nonzero status; otherwise, if no icon name has been set for
       the window, it returns zero.  If you never assigned a name  to  the  window,  XGetIconName
       sets  icon_name_return  to  NULL.   If  the  data  returned  by the server is in the Latin
       Portable Character Encoding, then the returned string is in the  Host  Portable  Character
       Encoding.   Otherwise,  the  result is implementation-dependent.  When finished with it, a
       client must free the icon name string using XFree.

       XGetIconName can generate a BadWindow error.


                 The name to be used in an icon.


       BadAlloc  The server failed to allocate the requested resource or server memory.

       BadWindow A value for a Window argument does not name a defined Window.


       XAllocClassHint(3),  XAllocIconSize(3),  XAllocSizeHints(3),  XAllocWMHints(3),  XFree(3),
       XSetCommand(3),   XSetTransientForHint(3),   XSetTextProperty(3),  XSetWMClientMachine(3),
       XSetWMColormapWindows(3),    XSetWMName(3),    XSetWMProperties(3),    XSetWMProtocols(3),
       Xlib - C Language X Interface