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       XkbAddSymInterpret  - Add a symbol interpretation to the list of symbol interpretations in
       an XkbCompatRec


       XkbSymInterpretPtr  XkbAddSymInterpret  (XkbDescPtr  xkb,  XkbSymInterpretPtr   si,   Bool
              updateMap, XkbChangesPtr changes);


       - xkb  keyboard description to be updated

       - si   symbol interpretation to be added

       - updateMap
              True=>apply compatibility map to keys

       - changes
              changes are put here


       XkbAddSymInterpret  adds si to the list of symbol interpretations in xkb.  If updateMap is
       True, it (re)applies the compatibility map to all of the keys on the keyboard. If  changes
       is  non-NULL, it reports the parts of the keyboard that were affected (unless updateMap is
       True, not much changes).  XkbAddSymInterpret returns a pointer to the  actual  new  symbol
       interpretation in the list or NULL if it failed.