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       XkbAllocCompatMap  -  Allocate  a  new  compatibility  map  if you do not already have one


       Status XkbAllocCompatMap (XkbDescPtr xkb, unsigned int which, unsigned int num_si);


       - xkb  keyboard description in which to allocate compat map

       - which
              mask of compatibility map components to allocate

       - num_si
              number of symbol interpretations to allocate


       xkb specifies the keyboard description for which compatibility maps are to  be  allocated.
       The compatibility map is the compat field in this structure.

       which  specifies  the  compatibility map components to be allocated (see XkbGetCompatMap).
       which is an inclusive OR of the bits shown in Table 1.

                 Table 1 Compatibility Map Component Masks
       Mask                 Value    Affecting
       XkbSymInterpMask     (1<<0)   Symbol interpretations
       XkbGroupCompatMask   (1<<1)   Group maps
       XkbAllCompatMask     (0x3)    All compatibility map components

       num_si specifies the total number of entries to  allocate  in  the  symbol  interpretation
       vector (xkb.compat.sym_interpret).

       XkbAllocCompatMap  returns  Success if successful, BadMatch if xkb is NULL, or BadAlloc if
       errors are encountered when attempting to allocate storage.


           typedef struct {
               KeySym            sym;          /∗ keysym of interest or NULL */
               unsigned char     flags;        /∗ XkbSI_AutoRepeat, XkbSI_LockingKey */
               unsigned char     match;        /∗ specifies how mods is interpreted */
               unsigned char     mods;         /∗ modifier bits, correspond to eight real modifiers */
               unsigned char     virtual_mod;  /∗ 1 modifier to add to key virtual mod map */
               XkbAnyAction      act;          /∗ action to bind to symbol position on key */
           } XkbSymInterpretRec,*XkbSymInterpretPtr;


       BadAlloc       Unable to allocate storage

       BadMatch       A compatible version of Xkb was not available in the server or an  argument
                      has correct type and range, but is otherwise invalid




       Note  that  symbol  interpretations  in  a  compatibility map (the sym_interpret vector of
       XkbSymInterpretRec structures) are also allocated using this same function. To ensure that
       there is sufficient space in the symbol interpretation vector for entries to be added, use
       XkbAllocCompatMap specifying which as XkbSymInterpretMask and the number  of  free  symbol
       interpretations needed in num_si.