Provided by: libxt-dev_1.1.5-1_amd64 bug


       XtAddGrab, XtRemoveGrab - redirect user input to a modal widget


       void XtAddGrab(Widget w, Boolean exclusive, Boolean spring_loaded);

       void XtRemoveGrab(Widget w);


       exclusive Specifies whether user events should be dispatched exclusively to this widget or
                 also to previous widgets in the cascade.

                 Specifies whether this widget was popped up because the user pressed a pointer

       w         Specifies the widget to add to or remove from the modal cascade.


       The XtAddGrab function appends the widget (and associated parameters) to the modal cascade
       and checks that exclusive is True if spring_loaded is True.  If these are not True,
       XtAddGrab generates an error.

       The modal cascade is used by XtDispatchEvent when it tries to dispatch a user event.  When
       at least one modal widget is in the widget cascade, XtDispatchEvent first determines if
       the event should be delivered.  It starts at the most recent cascade entry and follows the
       cascade up to and including the most recent cascade entry added with the exclusive
       parameter True.

       This subset of the modal cascade along with all descendants of these widgets comprise the
       active subset.  User events that occur outside the widgets in this subset are ignored or
       remapped.  Modal menus with submenus generally add a submenu widget to the cascade with
       exclusive False.  Modal dialog boxes that need to restrict user input to the most deeply
       nested dialog box add a subdialog widget to the cascade with exclusive True.  User events
       that occur within the active subset are delivered to the appropriate widget, which is
       usually a child or further descendant of the modal widget.

       Regardless of where on the screen they occur, remap events are always delivered to the
       most recent widget in the active subset of the cascade that has spring_loaded True, if any
       such widget exists.

       The XtRemoveGrab function removes widgets from the modal cascade starting at the most
       recent widget up to and including the specified widget.  It issues an error if the
       specified widget is not on the modal cascade.


       X Toolkit Intrinsics - C Language Interface
       Xlib - C Language X Interface