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       al_assert  -  Asserts  at  the  specified  file  and line number. Allegro game programming


       #include <allegro.h>

       void al_assert(const char *file, int line);


       Raises an assert for an error at the specified file and line number. The file parameter is
       always  given  in  ASCII  format.  By  default,  this will call the system driver's assert
       handler. If there is none, the error will be sent to stderr and the  program  will  abort.
       However, if the environment variable ALLEGRO_ASSERT is set, this function writes a message
       into the file specified by the environment variable and program execution  will  continue.
       If none of this behaviours is wanted, you can override them with a custom assert handler.

       You will usually want to use the ASSERT() macro instead of calling this function directly.


       ASSERT(3alleg4), al_trace(3alleg4), register_assert_handler(3alleg4)