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       al_draw_pixel - Allegro 5 API


              #include <allegro5/allegro.h>

              void al_draw_pixel(float x, float y, ALLEGRO_COLOR color)


       Draws  a single pixel at x, y.  This function, unlike al_put_pixel(3alleg5), does blending
       and, unlike al_put_blended_pixel(3alleg5), respects  the  transformations  (that  is,  the
       pixel’s  position  is transformed, but its size is unaffected - it remains a pixel).  This
       function can be slow if called often; if you need to draw a lot of pixels  consider  using
       al_draw_prim(3alleg5) with ALLEGRO_PRIM_POINT_LIST from the primitives addon.

       · x - destination x

       · y - destination y

       · color - color of the pixel

         Note:  This function may not draw exactly where you expect it to.  See the pixel-precise
         output section on the primitives addon documentation  for  details  on  how  to  control
         exactly where the pixel is drawn.


       ALLEGRO_COLOR(3alleg5), al_put_pixel(3alleg5)