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       al_play_haptic_effect - Allegro 5 API


              #include <allegro5/allegro.h>

              bool al_play_haptic_effect(ALLEGRO_HAPTIC_EFFECT_ID *id, int loop)


       Plays   back   a  previously  uploaded  haptic  effect.   The  play_id  must  be  a  valid
       ALLEGRO_HAPTIC_EFFECT_ID(3alleg5)    obtained    from    al_upload_haptic_effect(3alleg5),
       al_upload_and_play_haptic_effect(3alleg5) or al_rumble_haptic(3alleg5).

       The  haptic  effect  will  be played back loop times in sequence.  If loop is less than or
       equal to 1, then the effect will be played once only.

       This function returns immediately and doesn’t wait for the playback to finish.  It returns
       true if the playback was started successfully or false if not.



              [Unstable  API]:  Perhaps  could  be  simplified due to limited support for all the
              exposed features across all of the platforms.  Awaiting feedback from users.