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       al_rumble_haptic - Allegro 5 API


              #include <allegro5/allegro.h>

              bool al_rumble_haptic(ALLEGRO_HAPTIC *hap,
                 double intensity, double duration, ALLEGRO_HAPTIC_EFFECT_ID *id)


       Uploads  a simple rumble effect to the haptic device and starts playback immediately.  The
       parameter intensity is a relative magnitude  between  0.0  and  1.0  that  determines  the
       intensity  of  the  rumble  effect.  The duration determines the duration of the effect in

       You must also pass in a pointer to a user allocated ALLEGRO_HAPTIC_EFFECT_ID(3alleg5).  It
       it  is  stored  a reference to be used to control playback of the effect.  Returns true if
       the rumble effect was successfully uploaded and started, false if not.

       In case false is returned,  the  rumble  effect  will  be  automatically  released  as  if
       al_release_haptic_effect(3alleg5)  had  been  called, so there is no need to call it again
       manually  in  this  case.   However,  if  true  is  returned,  it  is  necessary  to  call
       al_release_haptic_effect(3alleg5)  when  the  effect  isn’t needed anymore, to prevent the
       amount of available effects on the haptic device from running out.



              [Unstable API]: Perhaps could be simplified due to  limited  support  for  all  the
              exposed features across all of the platforms.  Awaiting feedback from users.