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       al_set_shader_sampler - Allegro 5 API


              #include <allegro5/allegro.h>

              bool al_set_shader_sampler(const char *name,
                 ALLEGRO_BITMAP *bitmap, int unit)


       Sets  a  texture  sampler  uniform and texture unit of the current target bitmap’s shader.
       The given bitmap must be a video bitmap.

       Different samplers should use different units.  The bitmap  passed  to  Allegro’s  drawing
       functions  uses  the  0th unit, so if you’re planning on using the al_tex variable in your
       pixel shader as well as another sampler, set the other sampler to  use  a  unit  different
       from 0.  With the primitives addon, it is possible to free up the 0th unit by passing NULL
       as the texture argument to the relevant drawing functions.  In this case, you  may  set  a
       sampler  to  use the 0th unit and thus not use al_tex (the al_use_tex variable will be set
       to false).

       Returns true on success.  Otherwise returns false, e.g. if the uniform by that  name  does
       not exist in the shader.