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       ct_testspec - Parsing of test specifications for Common Test.


       Parsing of test specifications for Common Test.

       This module exports help functions for parsing of test specifications.


       get_tests(SpecsIn) -> {ok, [{Specs,Tests}]} | {error, Reason}


                 SpecsIn = [string()] | [[string()]]
                 Specs = [string()]
                 Test = [{Node,Run,Skip}]
                 Node = atom()
                 Run = {Dir,Suites,Cases}
                 Skip = {Dir,Suites,Comment} | {Dir,Suites,Cases,Comment}
                 Dir = string()
                 Suites = atom | [atom()] | all
                 Cases = atom | [atom()] | all
                 Comment = string()
                 Reason = term()

              Parse the given test specification files and return the tests to run and skip.

              If  SpecsIn=[Spec1,Spec2,...], separate tests will be created per specification. If
              SpecsIn=[[Spec1,Spec2,...]], all specifications will be merge into one test.

              For each test, a {Specs,Tests} element is returned, where Specs is a  list  of  all
              included  test  specifications,  and  Tests  specifies actual tests to run/skip per