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       exupdate  -  Supporting  different screen update methods in a single program. Allegro game
       programming library.


       #include <allegro.h>

       Example exupdate


       This program demonstrates how to support  double  buffering,  page  flipping,  and  triple
       buffering  as  options  within  a single program, and how to make things run at a constant
       rate no matter what the speed of your computer. You have to  use  this  example  from  the
       command  line  to  specify  as first parameter a number which represents the type of video
       update you want: 1 for double buffering with memory bitmaps, 2 for page  flipping,  3  for
       triple  buffering  and  4  for  double buffering with system bitmaps. After this, a dialog
       allows you to select a  screen  resolution  and  finally  you  will  see  a  kaleidoscopic
       animation, along with a frames per second counter on the top left of the screen.


       BITMAP(3alleg4),  END_OF_FUNCTION(3alleg4),  END_OF_MAIN(3alleg4), LOCK_FUNCTION(3alleg4),
       LOCK_VARIABLE(3alleg4),    PALETTE(3alleg4),     SCREEN_H(3alleg4),     SCREEN_W(3alleg4),
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