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       fade_interpolate  - Calculates a new palette interpolated between two others. Allegro game
       programming library.


       #include <allegro.h>

       void fade_interpolate(const PALETTE source, const PALETTE dest, PALETTE output,  int  pos,
       int from, int to);


       Calculates  a  temporary  palette  part  way  between source and dest, returning it in the
       output parameter. The position between the two extremes is specified by the pos  value:  0
       returns  an  exact  copy of source, 64 returns dest, 32 returns a palette half way between
       the two, etc. This routine only affects colors between from and to (inclusive: pass 0  and
       255 to interpolate the entire palette).


       fade_in(3alleg4), fade_out(3alleg4), fade_from(3alleg4)