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       #include <libgearman/gearman.h>



       int gearman_client_timeout(gearman_client_st *client)

       void gearman_client_set_timeout(gearman_client_st *client, int timeout)

       void *gearman_client_context(const gearman_client_st *client)

       void gearman_client_set_context(gearman_client_st *client, void *context)

       void                      gearman_client_set_workload_malloc_fn(gearman_client_st *client,
       gearman_malloc_fn *function, void *context)

       Deprecated since version 0.23: Use gearman_allocator_t

       void                        gearman_client_set_workload_free_fn(gearman_client_st *client,
       gearman_free_fn *function, void *context)

       Deprecated since version 0.23: Use gearman_allocator_t

       void gearman_client_task_free_all(gearman_client_st *client)

       void                    gearman_client_set_task_context_free_fn(gearman_client_st *client,
       gearman_task_context_free_fn *function)

       Link with -lgearman


       gearman_client_st is used for client communication with the server.

       gearman_client_context()  and  gearman_client_set_context()  can  be  used  to  store   an
       arbitrary object for the user.

       gearman_client_set_task_context_free_fn()  sets  a  trigger  that  will  be  called when a
       gearman_task_st is released.

       gearman_client_timeout()  and  gearman_client_set_timeout()  get  and  set   the   current
       connection timeout value, in milliseconds, for the client.

       Normally   malloc(3)  and  free(3)  are  used  for  allocation  and  releasing  workloads.
       gearman_client_set_workload_malloc_fn() and gearman_client_set_workload_free_fn()  can  be
       used  to  replace  these  with  custom  functions. (These have been deprecated, please see
       gearman_allocator_t for the updated interface.

       gearman_client_task_free_all() is used to free all current gearman_task_st that have  been
       created with the gearman_client_st.

          By  calling gearman_client_task_free_all() you can end up with a SEGFAULT if you try to
          use any gearman_task_st that you have kept pointers too.


       gearman_client_timeout()  returns  an  integer  representing  the  amount   of   time   in
       milliseconds  to  wait  for  a connection before throwing an error. A value of -1 means an
       infinite timeout value.


       To find out more information please check:

       SEE ALSO:
          gearmand(8) libgearman(3) gearman_client_create(3)


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