Provided by: libnutclient-dev_2.7.4-11ubuntu4_amd64 bug


       libnutclient - Network UPS Tools high-level client access library


       #include <nutclient.h>

       Refer to this file for more information.


       The Network UPS Tools (NUT) nutclient library provides a number of useful functions for
       programs to use when communicating with upsd(8). It provides high-level representation of
       NUT data through client connection, devices, variables and commands. Unlike upsclient(3),
       all low-level protocol details are hidden.

       State is maintained across calls in an opaque structure called NUTCLIENT_t. Callers are
       expected to create one per client connection. These will be provided to most of the
       nutclient functions. The format of this structure is subject to change, and client
       programs must not reference elements within it directly.

       NUTCLIENT_t represents the common connection information. Derived versions exist for each
       connection type (NUTCLIENT_TCP_t for TCP connection; actually the unique connection type,
       NUTCLIENT_TCP_t can be passed as NUTCLIENT_t parameter).

       See the nutclient.h header for more information.


       There is currently no specific mechanism around error handling.


       libnutclient_devices(3) libnutclient_commands(3) libnutclient_general(3)
       libnutclient_misc(3) libnutclient_tcp(3) libnutclient_variables(3)